I’m a PhD student in the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing of the University of Surrey, UK. I’m working on face recognition and face analysis in videos using 3D face models under the supervision of Prof. Josef Kittler.

My research is focused on computer vision, in particular, I am interested in the question of how to robustly obtain a pose-invariant representation of a face from a single 2D image as well as from videos. My research includes face tracking, landmark detection and face models - first and foremost 3D face models for pose-normalisation, face recognition and face analysis in real-time on videos. My recent work involves face recognition on the Point and Shoot Challenge dataset, which consists of videos shot in completely uncontrolled scenarios.

I love programming in C++, and I am very keen on using C++1114 language features. I’m very interested in modern coding practices and enthusiastically following the people involved in the development of the language.