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NHK filming at CVSSP

During the weekend, the Japanese TV Broadcaster NHK came to film an experiment in face matching, comparing the performance of our face recognition system with that of a super recogniser, an individual with exceptional ability to recognise faces, whose company provides services to the UK police in analysing CCTV videos. The aim of the filming was to produce material for a programme on the human brain which NHK are putting together for broadcast in February next year, with an English version to follow three months later.

Our system completed the test designed by Dr Josh Davis, a psychologist from Greenwich University, with flying colours. Huge thanks to Chi-Ho Chan, the system designer, for his effort to develop a lot of support software over the weekend to make our participation in the experiment possible, and for the help of everybody else involved in the filming one way or another (Paul Koppen, Zhenhua Feng, Muhammad Rana, Anna Korzeniowska,...)