Peter Hancock

Professor Peter Hancock

Professor of Psychology at the University of Stirling

Peter Hancock has a first degree in Chemistry, an MSc in Intelligent systems and a PhD in Computing Science, and has been a lecturer in Psychology since 1995. As Deputy Head he helps with the departmental budget, and chair the resources committee.

He is responsible for the Psychological Image Collection at Stirling (PICS) image archive. If you’d like to contribute your images, please let him know.

He serves on the editorial boards of Applied Cognitive Psychology and Network: computation in neural systems. Please contact him if you think you might have something suitable for publication therein.

Research Interests

I’m principally interested in the perception of faces and what kind of representations we might use: how do we tell whether two different faces are the same or different people? Together with Charlie Frowd I’m developing EvoFIT, a novel holistic facial composite system.