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The Surrey Face Model

This page is concerned with the availability and downloading of the 3D morphable face models created at the Centre of Vision, Speech and Signal Processing at the University of Surrey. The models are available in these resolutions: 29587, 16759, 3448 and 1724 vertices. They are also available as either shape only, or shape + texture.

A simple Python script to read the 3DMM file format (*.scm) is provided for free. A broader suite of software to interface with the models can be downloaded from GitHub.

Shape model at 3448 vertices

The 3448-vertex, shape-only model is available for immediate download, with accompanying software, for non-commercial use only (See also this PDF).

Shape models at all resolutions

The remaining shape-only models are available to download for non-commercial use upon request. Please use this form to request access. Enquiries go to cvssp-facemodel@surrey.ac.uk.

All models, shape and texture

For enquiries about commercial usage of any of the models, or for other use of the models incorporating both shape and texture, please email the University of Surrey Enterprise & Growth team.